Friday, 8 July 2011

Mad Hatter

From Mick Jaggers Panama to Slash's Top hat, the hat has been a strong slick sartorial choice by many great men. Hats are a difficult thing to pull off nowadays, and an item of clothing that has fallen out of favour somewhat over the past half century, you used to be known what class you were in given the headgear you wore- thankfully those days are over. The New York Hat Company has taken it upon themselves for the past 25yrs to produce amazing styles from 100% wool felt to genuine Panama and Coconut straw hats, all made in the US. Thousands of styles to choose from but these are my picks.

Mick on a very
chaise longue1973
Louie $60

Panama Fedora $78 (fav)

Felt Diamond Crown $60
 All at

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